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Level select:
Enter PQHPBFDHJB as a password. 

Super password:
Enter CPNGTQRNFL as a password to unlock all levels (including the jigsaw 
level), secret doors on each world, and 4 Gobbos collected from each world. The 
secret doors give you access to the mini-games from each level, but a Gobbo 
obtained here will not be recognized in the main games. However, the Boss 
levels have not been completed. 

Level   Password
2       SRHPBFDHFC  
3       SSHPBFDHFD  
4       STHPBFDHFF  
5       NLHPBFDHKG  
6       NJHPBFDHKN  
7       NDHPBFDHKS  
8       NFHPBFDHKT  
9       JBHPBFDHPQ  
10      JLHPBFDH  
11      MJHPBFDHPH  
12      JKHPBFDHPP  
13      JKHPBFDHPT  
14      DQHPBFDHTD  
15      DCHPBFDHTR  
16      DJHPBCDHTL  
17      DSHPBCDHTB  
18      TGHPBCDHDN  
19      TBHPBCDHDS  
20      THHPBCDHDP  
21      TCHPBCDHTD  
22      TJHPBCDHDL  
23      TFHPBCDHDR  
24      PQHPBCDHJD  

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