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Star Wars: Episode 2 - The New Droid Army

Level                                   Master password
Droids At Speeder                       D31
Mos Espa                                QK1
Xelric Draw                             BKT
Xelric Draw, Cutscene                   B3C
Womp Rat Cave                           FKW
Xelric Draw, Cutscene                   CKH
Xelric Draw                             C3P
Xelric Draw                             CYD
Mos Espa                                AK?
Hutt's Assassins                        A3W
Mos Espa                                AY4
Dune Sea                                KK4
Moisture Farms                          M34
Moisture Farms                          MYW
Jundland Wastes	                        TKP
Jundland Wastes	                        T3H
Jundland Wastes	                        TYQ
Jabba's Palace, Cutscene                SKC
Jabba's Dungeon	                        J38
Jabba's Dungeon	                        JY1
Jabba's Dungeon	                        J?T
Jabba's Dungeon	                        J7J
Great Sarlacc, Cutscene                 G3L
High City                               7KQ
High City                               73D
High City (Interior)                    7YP
High City (Interior)                    7?W
Underlevels, Cutscene                   !KT
Underlevels                             !3C
Underlevels                             !YL
Bentho's Nightclub                      H3D
Core Bay                                6K7
Core Bay                                63L
Jedi Temple, Cutscene                   5K4
Jedi Temple                             532
Jedi Archives                           4KX
Jedi Archives                           438
Droid Factory Outskirts	                XK1
Production Facility Area One            23X
Production Facility Area One            2Y7
Production Facility Area Two            3K2
Production Facility Area Two            334
Cortosis Processing Plant               WKP
Dual Duel!                              W3H
Dual Duel!                              WYQ
Droid Factory Core                      ?KH
Droid Factory Core                      ?3P
Duel with Vandalor                      8K7
Race the Bombs                          831
Cutscene                                9KW
Duel with Dooku - End Scene             Y3W

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