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Sponge Bob Squarepants: The Movie

Bikini Bottom World 1 passwords: 

Level   Name                    Password  
1-1     Management World        Thugfish, Gayfish, Thugfish, SpongeBob, 
                                SpongeBob, Mindy  
1-2     Hey Chum                Mindy, SpongeBob, Gayfish, Gayfish, 
                                Thugfish, Mindy  
1-3     Not A Kid               King Neptune, Patrick, Jellyfish, Gayfish, 
                                Thugfish, Mindy  
1-4     Shell City Ahoy         King Neptune, Chum Bucket, Mindy, Patrick, 
                                SpongeBob, Mindy  

Level select: 
Enter Chum Bucket Helmet, Chum Bucket Helmet, Ice-Cream Monster, Jellyfish, 
King Neptune, SpongeBob as a password. 

To start at the last level in easy mode, enter Patrick, SpongeBob, Bucket Hat, 
Jellyfish, Neptune, SpongeBob. You will start with all levels unlocked 
(except the secret levels above Mindy's palace). 

Advanced level: 
Enter Red Guy, Queen, King, Patrick, Bob, Queen as a password. 

Shell city level four: 
Enter Clam, SpongeBob, Robot With Dog Face, Clam, King Neptune, SpongBob 
as a password. 

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