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Serious Sam Advance

Level passwords:
Level                               Easy        Normal          Hard
Temple of Herkat Lower              MNIP        KIPPAGE         TITHES
Amon Thule, Subterranean Palace
Of The Pharaohs                     HEXMODE     OPEE            WOLF
Slave Compound                      BOBBINS     PILCH           FORREST
Pyramid Entrance Maze               BADDUN      BETTERER        CHIPPER
Tomb Of Ramses                      MEGAMUNT    HORSE           EYE
Forum Of Mars                       GAMES       DUCKAROO        FOZZER
Slave Quarters                      TOAST       BEVIL           BEAK
Gladiator Training School           COINAGE     FRYUP           MADEUP
Baths Of Diocletian                 NEED        OWL             LIMO
Preatorian Fort                     NORTHERN    FILLY           MIRROR
Ceasar's Palace                     WAFTY       MOOPAY          MOCKNEY

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