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Sega Smash Pack

Ecco The Dolphin Cheat mode:
Turn Ecco to the left or right. Pause game play when Ecco is facing the screen. Press
Right, B, R, B, R, Down, R, Up. A cheat menu with stage selection, sound select, and unlimited
life will appear.

Ecco The Dolphin Level passwords:

Level                       Password
Undercaves                  HYNCSRDQ
The Vents                   XPRMMZBD
The Lagoon                  RKIVVHCC
Ridge Water                 RTGCXGB
Open Ocean                  W-QBCXG-
Ice Zone                    �YNTCXGS
Hard Water                  RFXPCXGV
Cold Water                  YC�?CXGQ
Open Ocean(2)               TS-K�WGC
Island Zone                 HSXPBXGX
Deep Water                  KSWKCXGV
The Marble Sea              R�GGFXGY
The Library                 NX:KFXGJ
Deep City                   GZPTFXG-
City of Forever             NWBYCXGW
Jurrassic Beach             TKGTGTGQ
Pteranodon Pond             F?TXGTGF
Origin Beach                LR:LGTG:
Trilobite Circle            X-WQGTGT
Dark Water                  VFCRKTGK
City of Forever(2)          ?STNNTPY
The Tube                    BV?!TQPY
Welcome to the Machine      BTWJVQP�
The Stomach                 DBBXVQPK
The Last Fight              DLHSTQPT

Golden Axe Level select:
Select arcade mode. Hold Down/Left + B and press Start at the character selection screen. A
number that corresponds to the starting level will appear in the upper left corner of the
screen. Use the D-pad to change this value.

Golden Axe Nine continues:
Select arcade mode. Hold Down/Left + A + R. Release the buttons and press Start.

Sonic Spinball Level select:
Press A, Down, B, Down, R, Down, A, B, Up, A, R, Up, B, R, Up at the options screen. Enter
one of the following controller actions to start at the corresponding level.

    Level 2 (Lava Powerhouse)
    Hold A and press Start. 

    Level 3 (The Machine)
    Hold B and press Start. 

    Level 4 (Showdown)
    Hold R and press Start. 

Sonic Spinball View credits:
Press A, Up, R, Up, L, Up, A, R, Down, A, L, Down, R, L, Down at the options screen.

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