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The Revenge of Shinobi

Level select:
Enter 67MB FNNG VL&Y FWZ5  or H66D 5YWZ 5WVK 92QT  as a password. 

Status                      Password 
After Bamboo Swamp          B26M RNMQ 06M6 7LD3  
After Bashira's Ship        T5MQ 5NZV RXG4 8NM9  
After Forgotten Cemetery    8DKD X6N0 &4ZY MMWQ  
After Miogawa Docks         BZ9P 3XTT S3TY HNYZ  
After Orchard of Miogawa    Q3TM Y3X0 &N90 XF34  
After Path To Miogawa       20JK V73L 2M0F C6PK  
After Shinrei's Temple      72RT &4W3 3Z2G G7TD  
After intermission          QTCZ 5J6G KLG2 3N4M  
After Thunder Woods         SFZF P7LZ 9BXS C234 

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