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Power Rangers: Space Patrol Delta

Play as Shadow Ranger and level select: 
Enter "SBM" as a password to play as Shadow Ranger and also unlock the
rest of the levels under the normal difficulty setting. Enter "SBF"
for easy difficulty, and "9CK" for hard difficulty.

Episode     Easy    Normal      Hard  
1           ZZB                 G!B 
2-1         ZVC                 GWC 
2-2         QZB                 7!G 
3-1         QVC                 7WH 
3-2         !0G                 H1G 
4-1         !XH                 HYH 
4-2         R0G                 61G 
4-3                             6YH 
5-1         Z2B                 G3B 
5-2         V6C                 B7C 
5-3                             73G 
6-1         L6C     LQP         37H 
6-2         !4G                 H5G 
6-3                             C9H 
7-1         R4G                 65G 
7-2         M8H                 29H 
7-3                             JHD 
8-1         0BF                 JCF 
8-2         SGD                 9HJ 
End         SBF    

Play as Delta Squad Megazord:
Enter the following passwords to play as Delta Squad Megazord. 

Episode     Password  
4           RXH  
5           Q2B  
6           W8H  
7           0GD 

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