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Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

View credits:
Enter "THQ" as a password. 

Select Ranger:
Enter "AP3" as a password to select a Ranger to play as before any level.

Level                   Easy    Normal      Hard 
Blue Ranger 1           QVB     QVN         LWB 
Blue Ranger 2           L60     L66         Q7J 
Blue Ranger 3           28Z     Z88         69G 
Blue Ranger 4           9XJ     9XQ         5YJ 
Megazord 1              LZC     LZP         Q!Y 
Megazord 2              G0Y     G03         B1Y 
Megazord 3              L21     L27         Q3K 
Megazord 4              24!                 65H 
Megazord 5              OZH     0ZT         X!H 
Megazord 6              50K     50R         91! 
Megazord 7              121     127         Y31 
Puzzle 1                BGW     BG5         GHC 
Puzzle 2                LOY     L03         Q1F 
Puzzle 3                G4K     G4R         B5K 
Puzzle 4                4ZH     4ZT         8!1 
Red Ranger 1            GBV     GB4         BCV 
Red Ranger 2            QXX     QX2         LYX 
Red Ranger 3            XVZ     XV8         0WG 
Red Ranger 4            YXO     YX6         1YJ 
Red Ranger 5            160     166         Y70 
Yellow Ranger 1         BXB     BXN         GYX 
Yellow Ranger 2         G60     G66         B7Q 
Yellow Ranger 3         G8J     G8Q         B9J 
Yellow Ranger 4         8VG     8VS         4WG 

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