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Pocky and Rocky

Expert mode:
Press Up, Down, Right, Left(2), Right, Down, Up, Select at the title
screen, then press Start to begin game play.

Level   Pocky 
2       H1NVR9c[Music Note]2  
3       Z6Vy[Club][Club]fgG  
4       TSG613d[Spade]t  
5       dot +2w8[Music Note]hnt  
6       c7V2y[Diamond]ggk  
7       [Spade]9-nDTC2D  

Level   Rocky 
2       CSGNs4c[Spade]B  
3       26Vp[Dot][Diamond]cg[Club]  
4       08V[Diamond][Club][Diamond]cg[Music Note]  
5       k[Music Note]8[Spade][Club]kgvQ  
6       t diamond 8FTggv6  
7       P?mgBgJm.  

Level   Becky 
7       1dy[Diamond]mzzLl  

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