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Metroid: Zero Mission

In-game reset:
Press Select + Start + A + B during game play to return 
to the main screen.
Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Metroid: Zero 
Mission Gallery, Original Metroid, Hard mode, and Sound Test 
options. Note: More pictures are added to the gallery when 
the game is completed with different endings. Start a new 
game with your cleared saved game to play in Time Attack mode, 
with a timer at the map screen.

The Original Metroid may be unlocked before the game is 
completed. Enter the options screen at the main menu and select
the "Original Metroid" option that appears after "Metroid 
Fusion Link". 
To access "Hard mode", select the file that the game was 
completed with and select "New". Then choose the hard 
difficulty setting. Note: When creating a file on the hard 
difficulty setting, the original file will be overwritten.

Metroid Fusion Gallery:
Use a link cable to connect to a Gamecube with Metroid Fusion. 

Alternate ending sequence:
Complete the game under the following conditions to unlock the 
corresponding ending sequence with Samus appearing differently. 

At bar in red top and shorts: 100% in normal difficulty under 2 

Looking at sunset without helmet: Above 15% in normal or hard 
difficulty above 3 hours. 

Looking over a city in red top and shorts: 100% in hard 
difficulty under 2 hours. 

Sitting near window in red top and shorts: Below 15% in normal 

Sitting on rock in full armor: 100% in easy; or over 15% in 
normal or higher difficulty over 4 hours. 

Standing in full armor: Below 15% in hard difficulty. 

Walking in city in red top and shorts: 100% in normal or higher 
difficulty over 2 hours. 

Wearing blue jumpsuit: Over 15% in normal or higher difficulty 
in under 2 hours. 

Original Metroid passwords: 
Enter one of the following passwords in the original Metroid. 

Samus without suit at start
Enter 000000 000020 000000 000020 as a password.
Samus without suit at Norfair
Enter SAMUS8 RIDLEY 444444 444444 as a password. You will start at 
Norfair with Suit-less Samus, infinite Missiles, blonde and brown 
hair color, and no items or upgrades except for missiles.

Samus without suit at Kraid's Lair
Enter JUSTIN BAILEY ------ ------ as a password. You will start at 
Kraid's Lair with the Long Beam, Ice Beam, Bombs, High Jump Boots, 
Screw Attack, Varia, Suit-less Samus, and 255 Missiles.
Enter NARPAS SWORD0 000000 000000 as a password. This allows you 
to start with everything and invincibility. The Bosses are not 
defeated, and you can play the game normally, but invincible. 

Best ending, no suit, at end
Enter X----- --N?WO dV-Gm9 W01GMI as a password.

Debug mode
Enter BOMBS_ MISSLE SCREW_ ATACK_ as a password:
Hard mode
Enter 999999 999999 KKKKKK KKKKKK as a password.
Morph Ball and Bombs at start
Enter 000000 000000 4G0000 00000H as a password.

Mother Brain gone
Enter SAMUS_ BEATS_/MOTHER BRAIN_ as a password. You will start in 
Tourian, with Mother Brain gone.

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