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Iridion 3D

Unlimited lives and best weapons:
Enter *1NV1S4BL3* as a password to get unlimited lives and the top of
the line weapons.

Level select:
Enter *S3L3CT0N* as a password. Return to the password prompt, then
enter *SH0WT1M3* as a password. 

Move faster:
Enter *SP33D* as a password to make your ship move faster.

Gallery mode:
Enter *G4LL3RY* as a password. 

Ending music:
Enter *CR3D1TS* as a password.

Level   Password    Alternate 1     Alternate 2  
2       N1PBBDG8V   QQPBBYGYV       Q8QBBYQ6V  
3       XG#BVMVFW   GP4BVD6RW       439BBP6LW  
4       85DCVLQVC   4GKCVDLZC  
6       SP2CBBV8J   N93CVBG8J  
7       XVPDBP6FF  

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