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Extreme Ghostbusters

Level                           Password 
The Hall                        HGBNL14VJ  
Corridor                        5PMDTF/K2  
Office                          21QSR9JTS  
Big Building Boss               8G20S86SC  
Racing 2                        30J82JBMB  
The Main Aisle                  BNKN34SMW  
The Crypt                       V8JNNVGLC  
Closer to the Underworld        MD*XN7KTJ  
Racing 3                        VD*PJKFTS  
In the Wings                    MDZ9KK/T8  
Ethereal Ball                   MD2TK4XTK  
On Stage                        WS0PJ6LTC  
Broadway Star Theater Boss      VS31JL9TW  
Racing 4                        LDK9K6HTC  
Don't Forget the Guide          WSJPJLZIV  
Carnivorous and Hungry          WSFKP6WT3  
The Final Confrontation         MS29P7JTW  
Final Boss                      VSFPPMHT8  
End                             LXK8KKFTL 

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