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Drill Dozer

Unlock codes for effect codes:
Purchase the Hard Drill when it becomes available at the shop. Use it to gain access the secret
MaiMai room in the tutorial world. In the room is a four digit combination lock. First, choose one
of the digits and press Start while the drill is inserted to reset the code to 0000.
Then, set each of the digits of the unlock code to their correct number in order. When the correct unlock
code is entered, the lock will automatically reset. You can continue entering other unlock codes, or
enter one of the effect codes for the level unlocked, or a lower level. The unlock codes must be
re-entered if you leave the room.

    Level 1: Set the third number to 1, first number to 2, fourth number to 3, and second number to 4 in
    order to display 2413. 

    Level 2: Set the third number to 8, first number to 6, fourth number to 5, and second number to 3 in
    order to display 6385. 

    Level 3: Set the second number to 8, fourth number to 2, first number to 3, third number to 5 in order
    to display 3852. 

Effect codes:
Enter the following codes after entering the corresponding level code. When a correct code is entered,
a chest with the bonus will appear from the purple brick pipe in the secret room.

Level   Effect                              Code
1       Standard Wallpaper                  2403
1       Frog Pajamas Costume                5746
1       Samurai Wallpaper                   4089
1       Rock Star Wallpaper                 1814
1       Cute Clothes Costume                2094
1       Drill Dozer Coveralls Costume       9025
1       Sound Stone                         9434
2       UFO Wallpaper                       2059
2       Thief Threads Costume               4181
2       Police Inspector Costume            2458
2       Full Gearbox                        7867
2       Control Center Wallpaper            8785
3       Blue Overalls Costume               5854
3       Nurse Costume                       2438
3       Happy Wallpaper                     5074
3       Fashionable Skirt Costume           2828
3       Futuristic Style Costume            1419
3       School Student Costume              5716
3       Master Seal                         7073

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