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Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!

The following passwords are entered at the parts shop after getting a
Bronze, Silver, or Gold Pass. 

Effect                                          Password
(Bronze) 2,000 B-Dabucks                        HEY TOMMI!
(Bronze) 3,000 B-Dabucks                        B-DAFIRING
(Bronze) Cheesy Mouse B-Daman                   HARD TEETH
(Bronze) Saber Barrel and L/R Shield Stand      SHOOT IT!!
(Silver) Saber Magazine                         TONS OF BALLS
(Silver) Berserk Ogre B-Daman Set               MONGREL FANG!
(Silver) Blood Shark B-Daman Set                A BLOODY BODY
(Silver) GaoTiger B-Daman Set                   GLEAMING FANG
(Silver) Kokuryu-oh B-Daman Set                 SHADOWY ARMOR
(Silver) Ohryu-oh B-Daman Set                   GOLDEN ARMOR!
(Silver) Venom Sting B-Daman Set                VENOMOUS TAIL
(Silver) Yokusaimaru B-Daman Set                YOKUSAIMARU!
(Silver) Oak Raven                              GUST OF WIND!
(Gold) Chrome Harrier                           STRONG RED GALE
(Gold) Mega Diabros                             DEVILISH FIGURE
(Gold) Stream Pegasus                           GIFT FROM ATLUS
(Gold) Assault Beast and Storm Chimera          FEROCIOUS WOLF!
(Gold) Blitz Eagle                              THE SWIFT WINGS
(Gold) Crimson Saber                            THE RAZING FIRE
(Gold) Labyrinth                                REVIVAL OF EVIL
(Gold) Revolver Heaven                          LET'S B-DAFIRE!

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