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Back To Stone

Status                                  Password
Dungeon                                 WLwsPLwkTB
Forest of the Ancients                  vRUQQPUs9T
Scrapyard Sector                        HC7LYjZC20
Mirror Quest                            u4sIQPGAfc
Mirror Shards                           ui6APNGA1B
Fire Temple Entrance                    gCHVEKfwd4
Fire Temple                             RBvVFGtElm
Scrapyard Sector revisited              WWIZgMQ6Hf
Forest of the Ancients revisited        HEdhuDf2d0
Dark Marshes                            uTm7Vi+G8Y
Misty Village                           WVi10Cn+39
Forbidden Marshes                       NaANAgv0sf
Souls Quests                            mLZdoQYAGk
Forbidden Marshes revisited             hFu5Cv4sGC
Phantom Forest                          mZcl0g0yTC
Marsh Temple                            0jOMZIjE68
Ice Marsh                               pLMS1Efacj
Sunny Marsh                             fIVjYyVYR5
Acid Desert                             BbXyxOyB3p
Cursed Source                           FX0iuMYqhu
Cave                                    kUvFvb7V8G

Enter "CREDITSSSS" as a password.

End of story mode:
Enter "THEENDSSSS" as a password. 

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