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Antz Extreme Racing

Level   Name                    Password 
2       Around the Anthill      CVWVC/4ZN 
3       The Pool                9SZVCW7*X 
4       The Mountain            CV*VT*6*N 
5       The Garden Path         9SMSCL5*X 
6       The House               CSPS9Q6ZN 
7       The Street              9WRVWL5ZX 
8       The Forest              CSTSCR4*N 
9       The Lake                8VWVTL7*X 
10      The Garden              9TZVTQ5*N 
11      The Dump                9V*SCQ7*N 
12      Insectopia              1TTSWV5ZX 
13      End                     9STVCV5ZX 

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