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Animaniacs: Pinky and the Brain

Level   Password  
1       Pinky, Roofus, Prof 
        Ape, Doofus, Brain  
2       Ape, Pinky, Brain
        Roofus, Roofus, Doofus  
3       Ape, Pinky, Brain
        Doofus, Roofus, Ape  
4       Pinky, Prof, Brain
        Brain, Pinky , Ape  
5       Roofus, Pinky, Pinky
        Prof, Prof, Brain  
6       Roofus, Ape, Prof
        Doofus, Brain, Brain  
7       Prof, Brain, Pinky
        Ape , Pinky, Pinky  
8       Ape, Ape, Prof
        Doofus, Brain, Brain  
9       Brain, Prof, Brain
        Ape, Prof, Roofus  
10      Doofus, Doofus, Roofus
        Brain, Brain, Roofus  
11      Roofus, Ape, Roofus
        Pinky, Brain, Pinky  
12      Brain, Pinky, Ape
        Roofus, Doofus, Roofus  
13      Pinky, Brain, Ape
        Prof, Pinky, Ape  
14      Prof, Brain, Brain
        Ape, Doofus, Prof  
15      Pinky, Pinky, Roofus
        Brain, Ape, Doofus  
16      Prof, Prof, Doofus
        Ape, Pinky, Ape  
17      Brain, Roofus, Doofus
        Prof, Ape, Brain  
18      Pinky, Doofus, Brain
        Pinky, Roofus, Prof  
19      Doofus, Roofus, Ape
        Ape , Prof, Brain  
20      Roofus, Pinky, Brain
        Doofus, Prof, Ape  
21      Doofus, Ape, Pinky
        Prof, Prof, Brain  
22      Roofus, Doofus, Pinky
        Prof, Doofus, Ape  

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