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Tactics Ogre: The Knight Of Lodis

Music test:
Enter MUSIC.ON as a name at the character screen for either the main character 
or a character that you are buying. Note: In the Japanese version, enter MUSIC_
ON as a name. 

Delete saved data:
Enter DEL.DATA as a name at the character screen for either the main character 
or a character that you are buying to delete all current files. Note: In the 
Japanese version, enter DEL_DATA as a name. 

Character and item duplication:
Note: This trick requires a link cable and another Tactics Ogre game. Make a 
backup save of the character and items to be duplicated. Go into your backup 
save. Trade off your item or character with the other game then reset your 
game. Reload it then load your original game and trade off again to get your 
character or item. Repeat this as many times as needed.

Lock all characters except the one to be duplicated. Equip the character to be 
duplicated with any weapons/armors/spells that you want to duplicate. Hire two 
soldiers (or use any two that you do not care if lost) and put them at the end 
in "XYZ" order, with the one to be duplicated last "Z". Get into a fight, 
using character "Y" in the battle and allow him to be killed. This does not 
have to be real battle, however if its training the character has to use a 
Snapdragon. After winning the battle, go to the menu, select "Sort" then 
"Execute". Confirm it, then cancel all the way out by pressing B. Go to any 
shop and sell all equipment that the duplicated character had equipped, 
including spells. To sell the items, sell 99 of it, then sell 58 plus however 
many you originally had and you will end up with 99 of that item. When done, 
you will have two characters with the same stats, name, items, and 99 of all 
equipment and spells that character had originally had, plus more money. 

To get unlimited number of Snapdragon Swords, Pearl Necklaces, Circlet Of 
Wisdoms, etc., follow the character and item duplication hint, but as you 
cannot sell, just try to equip another character with it after it says 2/1. 
It can even go beyond 50/1. To "sell", or dispose, unequip until the number 
is 1/1. Then, do the trick again to get the items again. This also works 
with "sellable" items.

Another way to duplicate pearl (before Sotavento) necklace is to first select 
a weapon/armor. Then, select Eleanor. Put the Hand Over Pearl Necklace and 
press L. This only works if you followed the step above. Equip someone else 
with it. Go the Eleanor's equipment, select "Ideal Type", "Power Type", or 
"Release All". She will be re equipped with it. It will then read 2/1, giving 
you unlimited necklaces. 

Alternate ending sequence: 
Successfully complete the game in less than 25 hours, with over 50 kills for 
Alphonse, and less than 10 of your characters dying or transformed into a 
sword with a Snapdragon. 

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