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Scorpion King

Cheat mode: 
Highlight the "Continue" option at the main menu, then press Down(2), Right, 
Up, Right, Up, Right, Down(2), Start. All stages and characters will be 

Play as Cassandra: 
Enter Mathayus, Menmon, Isis, Mathayus as a password to play as Cassandra 
with all runes. 

Level select: 
Enter the following character codes at the password screen: Menthu, Isis, 
Isis, Menthu. 

Three knuckle slots and three of the items: 
Enter the following character codes at the password screen: Man With Beard, 
Woman With Long Straight Hair, Girl With Short Curly Hair, Girl With Long 
Straight Hair. 

Level   Password  
1-1     Menthu, Isis, Cassandra, Menthu  
1-2     Isis, Menmon, Isis, Menthu  
1-3     Mathayus, Menthu, Menmon, Mathayus  
1-4     Menmon, Cassandra, Isis, Cassandra  
1-5     Mathayus, Cassandra, Isis, Menmon  
1-6     Mathayus, Isis, Cassandra, Mathayus  
2-1     Mathayus, Menmon, Isis, Mathayus  
2-2     Mathayus, Menthu, Menmon, Cassandra  
2-3     Cassandra, Menthu, Cassandra, Menmon  
2-4     Menmon, Mathayus, Menthu, Cassandra  
2-5     Mathayus, Menthu, Mathayus, Isis  
2-6     Mathayus, Cassandra, Isis, Cassandra  

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