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Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl

Unlimited lives:
Enter 1MM0RT4L as a password. 

Unlimited cannonballs and bullets:
Enter BVLL1TZ as a password. 

Start with triple cannons, saber, and pistol: 
Enter G00D13S as a password. 

Turn soldiers and pirates into sheep:
Enter SH33P as a password. 

Smarter enemies:
Enter G3N1VS as a password. 

View credits:
Enter CR3D1TS as a password. 

Baby picture:
Enter L1TTLVN as a password. 

Level   Password
2       P3YM769R?7  
3       4W1DNLGKYX  
4       VTTW8Y7SDP  
5       NQJ3R5MPHX  
6       0TTW269ZTB  
7       T9F3CGQT4R  
8       XWQ4ZRZ8ZX  
9       KDNDQJNK11  
10      XVPS9DJF15  
11      S3YP1C5TJM  
12      7W1NLVXVCL  
13      NQJVKNTTGJ  
14      VTT40F3ZH3  
15      T9FVCZNT?W  
16      24QWG2X4?V  
17      RHW0K9ZV0Q  
18      ZK379PH?99  
19      GXX7P09DFB  
20      5744LTH1QS  
21      KNNNZ17T?F  
22      2BRBFPQB?P  
23      LHY?K1MHZQ  
24      WK517YLL3N  
25      C5V1PKW?M9  

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