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Lego Knights' Kingdom

Super password:
Enter YZZVZYZ as a password for all levels completed, Last Man Standing 
option, Lord VladeK and all pieces of his armor, and all lost key parts. 

Status                          Password 
Citadel Of Orlan complete       TVPGGYZ  
Trials Of Jayko complete        DBBHBDD  
Desolate Moorlands complete     YVPFBYZ  
Free The King complete          VVZPVYZ  
Grand Tournament complete       KVPZPYZ  
Danju's Story complete          WTZKFKZ  
Jayko's Story complete          IFSHBDP  
Rascus' Story 67% complete      SFVBFBZ  
Santis' Story complete          WTVFBFZ  

Last Man Standing:
Find all four pieces of the Lost Key to unlock the "Last Man Standing" option. 

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