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F-14 Tomcat

Level   Novice          Ace 
2       DHGJ KLFF       XDFT RLFF 
3       GSDF BFPT       KJTR DBPT 
4       RRHC FDVM       RVBP ZJVM 
5       BPSX FDNF       BMNQ YLNF 
6       LDFS DTKQ       LFMS DNBQ 
7       PXSB SZNJ       PGHP CZNJ 
8       DKXZ GZQK       DKDG BPQK 
9       GKQB GHCT       GSYP ZLCT 
10      DTRH RPFJ       DCZX RPQR 
11      WZPK JYZX       WRTN JYSX 
12      JDZF LKFV       JDPQ MLRT 
13      SPNG DRRG       SPBX BMRG 
14      SFGF JHDH       SPXP RGDH 
15      LPFH PRFZ       LPFG NBGZ 
16      TDKZ XSHX       TQWJ GZHN 
17      DGBV KMNB       BGJK SZPQ 
18      KJHG RJCB       PLMN HRTY 
19      VBMQ RWTP       GLMR TRRC 
20      LKFD SPBV       NHDJ PBCX 
21      NHDC DKPM       LCML FLTC 

Note: There are 20 basic levels in the game. Level 21 is a repeat of level 1, but 
with UFOs instead of jets to shoot down. The password at level 22 is the same as 
level 2. You must enter the password for level 20 or 21 and play the game from 
there to get UFOs instead of MIGs. Entering level 21 in Ace mode gets you started 
all over again from level 1, but with World War I era tri-planes instead of jets 
or UFOs. 

Flying cars:
It is possible to replace the jets with flying classic cars. Something can be 
done in novice mode at level 6 that will result in a constant tone until you get 
to level 7. Level 7 will then start with classic cars flying at you instead of 
jets. The level passwords with the cars are identical to those with jets. You 
must duplicate some sort of game condition (complete all the first six levels 
with no damage? Complete level 6 with no damage and using only one plane?) to 
unlock the cars. Please submit more information regarding this bonus.

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