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Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge

Special moves:
Get the following moves from the indicated level. 

Battery Gun: Bad Magic Bayou (press L + B + R) 
Climb: Cliff Farm (press Up on anything climbable)
Dive: Cliff Farm (press R in bubbling water)
Drill Bill: Bad Magic Bayou (press A + L)
Fire Gun: Freezing Furnace (hold L + B and press R(3)
Flap Flip: Breegul Beach (press L + A)
Fly: Breegul Beach (press A (2))
Forward Roll: Cliff Farm (press B while moving)
Ice Gun: Spiller's Harbor (hold L + B and press R(2))
Kazooie Gun: Breegul Beach (press L + B)
Pack Whack: Spiral Mountain (press B)
Rat-a-tat Rap: Bad Magic Bayou (press A + B)
Shock Spring: Spiller's Harbor(press A while standing on a green pad)
Talon Trot: Breegul Beach (press L + R)
Wonderwing: Spiller's Harbor(press A while standing on a red pad) 

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