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Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002

Extra damage:
Press Up + A while attacking.

Avoid damage:
Press Up + B to dodge an attack. Note: This works only if your stats are higher.

Press L and fill your power gauge. Then, hold R and repeatedly press A.

Part                            Password 
AT042, WD000, BB046             23UBR8  
AT112, WD056, SG009, BB072      3FH21O  
AT170                           EFWQ98 
AT175                           4KJ2N3 
AT185                           R1QT1B 
AT213                           BR2876 
AT248                           H29385 
AT259                           7RY93R 
AT329, WD035, SG007, BB277      2HT97Y  
AT392, WD119, SG097, BB349      3NR87F  
AT423                           EGH24I 
AT430                           UB5R32 
AT513, WD098, SG093, BB399      2897RY  
AT514, WD098, SG092, BB400      WTEYGA  
AT515, WD098, SG094, BB401      KJDBVI  
AT516                           TYB34J 
AT517                           TUNBKS 
AT518                           AJHQBE 
AT525                           Y49083 
Black Dragoon Blade             AUYFAK  
Black Dranzer Blade             JBNREA  
WD144, LN11                     EGY45I  

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