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Advance Wars

In-game reset:
Press Start + Select + B + A during game play. Note: Do not use this while the Game 
Boy Advance is linked to a Gamecube or it may cause data loss.

Deleted saved games:
Hold L + Right + Select when turning on the Game Boy Advance. 

Ghost mode:
Hold B during your turn.

Glowing field training:
To make the field training glow bright flashing gold at the beginning of Advance 
Wars, get an "A" rank on every mission in field training.

Advance campaign mode:
Successfully complete campaign mode. Enter the battle maps screen and buy the 
"Advance Campaign" item for one coin. Hold Select and select campaign mode to begin 
and advanced campaign, with a more difficult CPU opponent. 

Field Training bonuses:
Successfully complete field training mode to unlock the "War Room", "Campaign", 
"Design Maps", "Stats", and "Special Intel" options. 

Quickly finish Field Training:
Select the final battle in Field Training. Win that battle to quickly unlock all 
options that normally require Field Training to be completed. 

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