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Action:                                 Code:
Master Code (Must Be On)                0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
                                        EE9F329A BCE67042 

Infinite Attribute Points               FE41D10A BCA99B82
                                        FE41D116 BCA99B82 

Infinite Form Points                    FE41D0D6 BCA99B82 

Max Body                                FE3DD291 BCA99BE7 

Max Health Potion                       CE3DD98A BCA99E6A 

Max Invisible Potion                    CE3DD94A BCA99E6A 

Max Life Elixer                         CE3DD9AA BCA99E6A 

Max Mana Potion                         CE3DD99A BCA99E6A 

Max Mind                                FE3DD296 BCA99BE7 

Max Restore Potion                      CE3DD9BA BCA99E6A 

Max Speed Potion                        CE3DD95A BCA99E6A 

Max Spirit                              FE3DD290 BCA99BE7 

Quick Level Up                          CE3DD282 BCA99A82 

Start with Level Maxed                  CE3DD286 BCA99BA2 

Extra Gold                              DE3DD2BA C19E7B82 

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