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Alundra (v1.1)

Infinite Health With Max Health             801AC70C 0032
                                            801AC710 0032 
Moon Jump *                                 D01DDA48 0040
                                            801AC7B2 0003 
Invincible                                  801AC8C4 004E 
Infinite Money (Gilder)                     801DD824 270F 

Have All Keys                               801DD924 0063
                                            801DD954 0001
                                            801DD95C 0001 
Infinite Magic                              801DD820 0004
                                            801DD822 0004 
Have The Bow                                801DD848 0001 
Have The Spirit Wand                        801DD84C 0001 
Have The Legendary Sword                    801DD5F0 0001 
Have The Iron Flail                         801DD854 0001 
Have The Steel Flail                        801DD858 0001 
Have The Ice Wand                           801DD868 0001 
Have The Fire Wand                          801DD870 0001 
Have 99 Gilded Falcons                      801DD82A 0063 
Have Bomb                                   801DD8BC 0001 
Infinite Herbs                              801DD8C0 0009 
Have Strength Elixir                        801DD8C4 0001 
Have Magic Elixir                           801DD8C8 0001 
Have Wonder Essence                         801DD8CC 0001 
Have Aqua Cape                              801DD8D0 0001 
Have Earth Scroll                           801DD8DC 0001 
Have Earth Book                             801DD8E0 0001 
Have Water Scroll                           801DD8E4 0001 
Have Water Book                             801DD8E8 0001 
Have Fire Scroll                            801DD8EC 0001 
Have Fire Book                              801DD8F0 0001 
Have Wind Scroll                            801DD8F4 0001 
Have Wind Book                              801DD8F8 0001 
Have Olga's Ring                            801DD8FC 0001 
Have Oak's Ring                             801DD900 0001 
Have Silver Armlet                          801DD904 0001 
Have Nava's Charm                           801DD908 0001 
Have Recover Ring                           801DD90C 0001 
Have Refresher                              801DD910 0001 
Have Secret Pass                            801DD914 0001 
Have Power Glove                            801DD91C 0001 
Have Elevator Key                           801DD920 0001 
Have Ruby Crest                             801DD928 0001 
Have Sapphire Crest                         801DD92C 0001 
Have Topaz Crest                            801DD930 0001 
Have Agate Crest                            801DD934 0001 
Have Garnet Crest                           801DD938 0001 
Have Emerald Crest                          801DD93C 0001 
Have Bouquet                                801DD958 0001 
Have Leather Armor                          801DD878 0001 
Have Ancient Armor                          801DD87C 0001 
Have Silver Armor                           801DD880 0001 
Have Long Boots                             801DD898 0001 
Have Merman Boots                           801DD89C 0001 
Have Charm Boots                            801DD8A0 0001 
Have Spring Bean                            801DD8AC 0001 
Have Sand Cape                              801DD8B0 0001 
Have Broken Armor                           801DD8B4 0001 

Mega Jump                                   D01DDA48 0040
                                            801AC816 0400 
Tigger Jump (WACKY CODE)                    801DDA48 0000 
Can't Jump                                  801DDA48 0040 
Slow Motion                                 800CB54C 0B5F 

Opens Three Doors at Imp Temple             801DD3CC 0400
                                            801DD3CE 0011 
6/8 Warp Gates Open                         801DD3E6 00FF 

Walk Over Everything (Walk Thru Walls) **   D01DDA48 0104
                                            80038212 2400
                                            D01DDA48 0104
                                            80038216 2400
                                            D01DDA48 0108
                                            80038212 AE17
                                            D01DDA48 0108
                                            80038216 AE1E

* The longer you hold down the X button the higher you will go. Tap the 
D pad in mid air to change direction. 

** Note: Press L1 and Select to activate it, and you will be able to walk 
next to a building press the direction of the building and instantly 
you will be on top of the building. You will need to press R1 and Select 
to turn the code off so you can enter doors and talk to people as well 

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