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Alien Trilogy

Infinite Energy                 8009A040 03E7 
Infinite Armor                  8009A042 03E7 
Infinite Charge Grenades        8009A058 03E7 
Infinite Handgun Bullets        8009A046 03E7 
Infinite Shotgun Bullets        8009A04A 03E7 
Infinite Flame Thrower Rounds   8009A052 03E7 
Infinite Pulse Riffle Rounds    8009A04C 03E7 
Infinite Pulse Rifle Grenades   8009A050 03E7 
Infinite Smart Gun Rounds       8009A054 03E7 
Infinite Batteries              8009A05A 03E7 
Infinite Boots                  8009A044 03E7 
Have Shotgun                    8008F33E 0029 
Have Flame Thrower              8008F34A 0029 
Have Pulse Rifle                8008F342 0029 
Have Smart Gun                  8008F346 0029 
Have Auto Mapper                8009A03C 03E7 
Rapid Firer                     8009A024 0001 
Infinite Shoulder Lights        8009A05C 0014 
Infinite Night Vision           8009A060 0014 
Have Cheat Option (Main Menu)   8008CDA8 0380 

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