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Akuji: The Heartless

Invincible                       800BA746 06CA 
Infinite Spells On Pick-Up       800BA744 0010 

Infinite Health                  D006981E A4C2
                                 8006981E 2400 
Extra Spell Ammo                 80091C24 0001 
Enable All Levels                800C4704 000F 

Walk Thru Walls *                D00CA37E F5FE
                                 8007425E A482
                                 D00CA37E F5FE
                                 8007424A A482
                                 D00CA37E FAFE
                                 8007425E 2400
                                 D00CA37E FAFE
                                 8007424A 2400 
Infinite Lives                   80080346 2400 
Have Debug Option In Pause Menu  300BA742 000C 

* With this code, you have to turn it off to goto the next section of 
the level. Hold L1 & L2 and press Select to activate this code so you 
can walk thru walls, then to de-activate it Hold R1 & R2 and press 
Select to de-activate it. And when inside walls Hold R2 to goto sniper 
mode so you can see while inside the wall.

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