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Ace Combat 2

Have A-4 Plane                          30010C44 0001 
Have F-4 Plane                          30010C45 0001 
Have CF-C7 Plane                        30010C46 0001 
Have A-6 Plane                          30010C47 0001 
Have F-16 Plane                         30010C48 0001 
Have X-29 Plane                         30010C49 0001 
Have A-10 Plane                         30010C4A 0001 
Have MiG-29 Plane                       30010C4B 0001 
Have F-14 Plane                         30010C4C 0001 
Have F-117A Plane                       30010C4D 0001 
Have R-MO1 Plane                        30010C4E 0001 
Have EF-2000 Plane                      30010C4F 0001 
Have F/A-18E Plane                      30010C50 0001 
Have Su-35 Plane                        30010C51 0001 
Have YF-23A Plane                       30010C52 0001 
Have F-22 Plane                         30010C53 0001 

Infinite Money                          80010C1C 9676
                                        80010C1E 0098 
Rapid Fire For Missiles                 8002C464 0000
                                        8002C466 0000
                                        80032BAC 0000
                                        80032BAE 0000 
Cant Die From Hitting The Ground        8002F748 0000
                                        8002F74A 0000 
Infinite Health - Set 1 of 2 *          D00B8278 0001
                                        8002C370 0000
                                        D00B8278 0001
                                        8002C372 0000
                                        D00B8278 0001
                                        8002C360 0000
                                        D00B8278 0001
                                        8002C362 0000
                                        D00B8278 0001
                                        8002C364 0000
                                        D00B8278 0001
                                        8002C366 0000 
Infinite Health - Set 2 of 2 *          D00B8278 0002
                                        8002C370 003F
                                        D00B8278 0002
                                        8002C372 3042
                                        D00B8278 0002
                                        8002C360 0010
                                        D00B8278 0002
                                        8002C362 1880
                                        D00B8278 0002
                                        8002C364 0018
                                        D00B8278 0002
                                        8002C366 ACA2 
Infinite Missiles                       8002CAA8 0000
                                        8002CAAA 0000 
Infinite Fuel                           8003936C 2400
                                        8003936E 82AC 
Infinite Health                         8002C334 000F
                                        8002C336 3241
                                        8002C33A 2400
                                        8002C33C 001A
                                        8002C33E 1020 
Extra Planes
(GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)               50000802 0000
                                        80010C44 0101 
* With this code, once it is active it will give you and your enemies 
infinite health, therefore you can not keep it active. Heres how to 
use it: Press L2 to make the code ACTIVE, once active it will allow 
you to maneuver the way you need to get in position to shoot down your 
enemy, Once you are in position and ready to fire, press the Fire 
button, and right before the missile hits the enemy, press the R2 
button. The R2 button will then De-Activate the code and do damage to 
your enemy, then after it hits your enemy, press the L2 button to 
Re-Activate the code to be invincible again. And repeat for the rest 
of the enemies! 

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