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WWF Warzone

8012F48B 0000     No Ropes
8112F54E 03D1     Freeze Main Timer/Infinite Match Time 
80113C7F 000?     Announcer Modifier
80113C2F 00??     Music Volume Modifier
80113C3F 00??     Sound FX Volume Modifier
80113C4F 00??     Time Limit Modifier
800E5F25 0000     Invisible Players and No Ropes 
800E5F25 0000     Somewhat Invisible Players 
800E5F65 00FF     Totally Invisible Players
800E9C12 0007     No Music during Intro
800E9C88 0007     Static Sound
800E5C25 0000     Slow Motion
80135FD1 0032     Creation Mode: 50 Strength Points 
80135FD3 0032     Creation Mode: 50 Toughness Points 
80135FD7 0032     Creation Mode: 50 Recovery Points 
80135FD9 0032     Creation Mode: 50 Charisma Points 
800E5F95 00FF     Game loads and shows basement, then freezes
810659A3 FFFF     Game Freezes when you hit anyone
80149D23 5555     Spotlight P1 in tag only
80149D27 5555     P1 Holographic Feet in tag/screen freeze in vs. when you punch
80149D29 5555     P1 Long flashing shadow in tag only
80149D2D 5555     P2 Beaming down in vs./P1 holographic crotch in tag
80149D2F 5555     P2 holographic flashing chest in vs./freeze after picking teams in tag
800E4C50 006B     Black Screen w/ intro music
800E4C50 0069     Dark intro w/ dark wrestlers
800E4C50 0067     Strobe light intro w/ tie die wrestlers
800E4C50 0065     Dark intro w/ tie die wrestlers
800D68D0 0375     Infinite Time out of Ring
80136245 0000     Infinite Creation Points

8012F417 0000     Walk Thru Walls
You can go thru everything, including the railing, ramp, cage, and even 
the crowd!! There is just one problem, on some matches, to go thru the 
crowd, you must tap the d-pad or analog stick, because if you hold it
down, you will be warped back into the ring 

80113C8F 000X     Camera Angle Modifier
Replace X with:
0     Low
1     High
2     Top

802995CF 00FE     Mess Up Timer
8029962F 00FE
801934FB 00F8

80135D79 0005     Create topless female wrestler
80134E39 0001
80134E3B 0006

8113A48C 2000     Unlock All Modes
8113A48E 3FFF

8113A488 1000     Unlock All Features
8113A48A 07FF

8113A488 1000     Extra Characters
8113A48A 07FF   
8113A48C 2000
8113A48E 3FFF

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