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WinBack: Covert Operations

8017DDBB 0064     Infinite Health P3
8017DDB7 0009     Infinite Ammo Handgun P3
8017DD9F 001E     Infinite Ammo Submachinegun P3 
8017DDB3 0008     Infinite Ammo Shotgun P3
8017F73B 0064     Infinite Health P
8017F737 0009     Infinite Ammo Handgun P4
8017F71F 001E     Infinite Ammo Submachine Gun P4 
8017F733 0008     Infinite Ammo Shotgun P4
811BE482 0000     All Bosses 1-Hit Deaths
80179448 0000     Flashlight Off
8017C41F 001E     Infinite Ammo Sub Machine gun P2 
8017C43B 0064     Infinite Health P2
8017C433 0008     Infinite Ammo/Always Have Shotgun P2
8017AABB 0064     Infinite Health P1
8017AA9F 001E     Infinite Ammo Sub Machine gun P1 
8017AAB3 0008     Infinite Ammo Shotgun P1
8017AAB7 0009     Infinite Ammo Handgun P1
801587C4 0009     Have Handgun W/Silencer (With Infinite Ammo) P1 
8015D417 0001     Enable Max Power Mode
801587C0 000C     Infinite Clips Submachine Gun P1 
801587C1 0060     Infinite Clips Shot Gun P1 
801587C3 0001     Have C4 Explosives [Slot 1] P1 
801587C5 0001     Have Flashlight [Slot 2] P1
801587C6 0001     Submachine Gun Enabled P1
801587C6 0000     Submachine Gun Disabled P1
801587C7 0001     Shot Gun Enabled P1
801587C7 0000     Shot Gun Disabled P1
801587C8 0001     Have C4 Detector [Slot 3] P1 
801587C9 0001     Have Key [Slot 3] P1
801587CA 0001     Have Card Key [Slot 3] P1
801587CB 0004     Have Rocket Launcher (With Infinite Ammo) P1 
801587CD 000C     Have Max Clips (Submachine Gun & Shot Gun) P1 
80179448 0001     Always Have Flashlight On P1 
8017C41F 001E     Infinite Ammo Sub Machine gun P2 

8017AAA8 00XX     Gun Modifier P1
8017C428 00XX     Gun Modifier P2
8017DDA8 00XX     Gun Modifier P3
8017F728 00XX     Gun Modifier P4
Replace XX with:
00     Handgun
01     Submachinegun
02     Shotgun
03     Rocket Launcher
04     M16 With Infinite Ammo
05     New Cooler Handgun
06     Invisible Gun 1 With Infinite Ammo
07     Invisible Gun 2 With Infinite Ammo
08     Odd Inviso ShotGun With Infinite Ammo
09     Cool Rocket Launcher With Infinite Ammo
14     Silenced Handgun

8017AAAA 00XX     Size Modifier P1
8017C42A 00XX     Size Modifier P2
8017DDAA 00XX     Size Modifier P3
8017F72A 00XX     Size Modifier P4
Replace XX with:
00     Normal Size
01     Smaller than Normal
02     Larger than Normal

8115D412 FFFF     Have All Characters
8115D410 0003

Multi-Player 4P Codes

8016A499 00XX Level Select Replace XX with: 00 Random 01 Ground 1 02 Ground 2 03 Factory 1 04 Factory 2 05 Center 1 06 Center 2 8016A497 00XX Always Play Replace XX with: 01 Death Match 02 Death Match 2 VS 2 03 Point Match 04 Point Match 2 VS 2

Point Match Codes

8113A0CA C350 Instant Win P1 8113A0CE C350 Instant Win P2 8113A0D2 C350 Instant Win P3 8113A0D6 C350 Instant Win P4 For the 'Instant Point Match Win' codes, they all work, except for when you choose 'unlimited' as your goal points, in which case you simply start out with 50,000 points instead of 0!

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