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Vigilante 8

80187C6E 0000     Blackout Mode
80187C6B 0000     Dull Textures
81187C5C 0000     Funky Colors
81187C5A 0000     Messed Up Graphics
80187C53 0000     Upside-Down Mode
80187C55 0000     Blocky Graphics
81181572 0F0F     Super Abilities/Health
80191298 001F     Chassey Blue
80191299 001F     Slick Clyde
8019129A 001F     Sheila
8019129B 001F     John Torque
8019129C 001F     Dave
8019129D 001F     Convoy
8019129E 001F     Loki
8019129F 001F     Houston 3
801912A0 001F     Boogie
801912A1 001F     Beezway
801912A2 001F     Molo
801912A3 001F     Sid Burn
801912A4 003F     'Y' The Alien

81181572 xxxx     Activate Cheat Modifier

Replace xxxx with:
0001     Big Tires
0002     Reduced Gravity
0004     No Enemies Present
0008     Invincibility
0020     Can Choose Same Cars
0400     Enhanced Missile
0800     Rapid Fire
1000     Hardest Difficulty
2000     Slow Motion
4000     Ultra Hi-Res

81191298 1F1F     Unlock All Cars/Tracks
8119129A 1F1F
8119129C 1F1F
8119129E 1F1F
811912A0 1F1F
811912A2 1F1F
801912A4 003F

Character Modifier Codes

With this code, enemies in quest, arcade, and survival are P3-P8. 80186AE0 00?? P1 80186AE1 00?? P2 80186AE2 00?? P3 80186AE3 00?? P4 80186AE4 00?? P5 80186AE5 00?? P6 80186AE6 00?? P7 80186AE7 00?? P8

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