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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

8029E29D 00??     SFX Modifier (00-0A)
8029E29C 00??     Music Modifier (00-0A)
8029E293 00??     Trick Tips Modifier
800D0B8B 0001     Enable 'Skip To Restart' Menu 
800D03D4 00??     P1 Skater Modifier
800D03D5 00??     P2 Skater Modifier

50000901 0000     Officer Dick-All Tapes (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)
800DDE08 00FF

Officer Dick Codes

800DDE04 001E Have All Tapes 800DDE08 00FF All Tapes-Warehouse 800DDE09 00FF All Tapes-School 800DDE0A 00FF All Tapes-Mall 800DDE0B 00FF Have Gold Medal-Skate Park 800DDE0C 00FF All Tapes-Downtown 800DDE0D 00FF All Tapes-Downhill Jam 800DDE0E 00FF Have Gold Medal-Burnside 800DDE0F 00FF All Tapes-Streets 800DDE10 00FF Have Gold Medal-Roswell

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