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80112F9E 0003     GAMEBOY Cheat Message
80112F9F 0003     Infinite Misses Player 1
8011265F 00AD     Secret Cheat Menu Screen
80112D1A xxxx     Score Modifier P1 (Larger) (Replace X's with F's for Quick Score Gain) 
80112D18 xxxx     (Smaller)  
801127E9 0009     Infinite Slides In Puzzle Mode

D01127E7 0001     Infinite Drops In Puzzle Mode (BUG)
801127E7 0009

81112D2C xxxx     Time Modifier (Larger-Puzzle Mode)
81112D2E xxxx     Time Modifier (Smaller-Puzzle Mode)
80116207 0003     Infinite Misses P2
80115890 0000     Infinite Time P2

80110922 00xx     Weapon Modifier Player 1 *
80113B8A 00xx     Weapon Modifier Player 2 *


00     Rocket
01     Dynamite
02     Magnet
03     3 Purple Bars
04     Drop Bomb
05     Green Spike Ball

* If you are playing in VS. Mode, you will always get a rocket, otherwise, the
modifier will work normally.

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