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NFL Quarterback Club '99

81080152 0028     Infinite Time to Choose Play 
8807F2AA 0001     GS Button to be on 1st Down 
8807F2AA 0004     GS Button to be on 4th Down 
81072F30 015E     Infinite Creation Points
8004C0B6 0003     Infinite Time Outs Home Team 
8004C62E 0003     Infinite Time Outs Away Team 
8004C0B6 0000     No Time-Outs Home Team
8004C62E 0000     No Time-Outs Away Team

8907E98A xxxx     GS Button to Reset Timer to Modifier
Replace xxxx with any number 0-9 or letter A-F

Character Creation Codes

8106FDB8 0064 Max Accuracy 8106FDBA 0064 Max Range 8106FDBC 0064 Max Scramble 8106FDBE 0064 Max Hands 8106FDC0 0064 Max Speed 8106FDC2 0064 Max Catch 8106FDC4 0064 Max Endurance 81052B9C xxxx Enable Cheat Modifier 1 Replace xxxx with: 0001 Super Kicker 0002 Rugby Mode 0004 Increased Injuries 0008 Skinny Players 0010 Racquetball Mode 0020 Slippery Field 00FF All Of The Above 81052B9E xxxx Enable Cheat Modifier 2 Replace xxxx with: 0001 Alien Stadium 0002 Giant Pylons 0004 Big Coin In Coin Toss 0008 Fat Players 0010 Big Football 0020 Infinite Turbo 0040 No Fumbles 0080 Slow Motion Mode 0100 Eight Downs 0200 Unlock All Extra Teams 0400 Electric Football Mode 0800 Fumbles On Contact 1000 Ball Smokes While In Air 2000 Players Bounce Around Like Pinballs 8000 Landmines on Field FFFF All of The Above

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