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Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

8015C5E3 0027     Max Heart Containers (20 Hearts)
8116A044 43A6     Blackout Mode
8116A044 3BAB     Sky Man
8015C5E7 0028     Infinite Health
8015C5EF 0009     Infinite Lives
8115C5EA 270F     Infinite Ryu (Money)
80304012 FFFF     Stretchy Stomach and Head Rolls 
80304057 FFFF     Flying head
8030405A 00FF     (In Intro) Out Of Control Scroll 
800AA53F FFFF     Strobe Sky
800AA51F FFFF     Strobe/Lined Doors
800AA4FF FFFF     Strobe Doors
800ABDFF FFFF     Strobe World
800AADFF FFFF     Lifebar Flashy
800AADCF FFFF     Flipping "Item"
800AACE8 FFFF     Konami Symbol Slightly Flashy 
801AC1EF FFFF     (In Intro) High-Pitched/Crackling Noises 
80168222 FFFF     (In Intro) Ruined Houses
80168312 FFFF     Beaten-Up Graphics
803077FE FFFF     Background At Start Options Screen Looks Like A Desert 
801AC2AF 00FF     Glitchy Sound/Sometimes Turns It Off  
80304055 FFFF     Different Desert Shot At Start Options  
803040FE FFFF     Super Swing When Jumping
803040FE 9999     Super Swing on Ground

D00C7D3B 0020     L Button To Use Chargeable Weapon
8120C896 005D

8015C5DF 00XX     Character Modifier
Replace XX with:
00     Goemon
01     Ebisumaru
02     Sasuke
03     Yae

D00C7D3B 0020     L Button For Moon Jump
8116A044 4000

Goemon Character Codes

80304043 FFFF Head Spins Around His Body When He Jumps 8030407F FFFF Is A Headbanger When Walking Mid-Speed 8030409F FFFF Side-To-Side Spring-Head Goemon 80304042 FFFF Head Pops Off When He Jumps 803040BF FFFF Has A Flying Head At Mid-Speed Walk 80304000 FFFF Has A Uncontrollable Left Arm 80304790 FFFF Looks Like He "Bulging" In The Back of His Pants When Running/When On Surfboard When Swimming 803047F7 FFFF Keeps Looking Back And Forth Over Right Shoulder 803047F2 FFFF Spear Head 803047F3 FFFF Spear Head 2 803047F4 FFFF Backwards Head 803047FE FFFF Head Out Infront 803047FF FFFF Springy Head 803047F0 FFFF Stretched Head 803047F5 FFFF Head Keeps Falling Off 803047F1 FFFF Cabbage-Patch Head 803047F6 FFFF Always Look At Camera 803047FC FFFF Head Comes Off 803047FC 0000 Head On Ground

Ganbare Codes

803047FF 0000 Has a Huge Pole and Droop on the Floor Head (Indoors) 803047F2 0000 Has a Narrow, Punk Rocker Head 803047F2 BBBB Enormous Head Ganbare 803047F2 00FF Big Drooping and/ or Exorcist head Ganbare

Yae Codes

80304010 FFFF Exploding Stomach 80304001 FFFF Exploding Lungs 803040BB FFFF A Flying Hammer When Swung 3 Times 80304050 FFFF Slot-Machine Head When Running 803049CD FFFF Invisible When Skipping

Ebisumaru Codes

8015C6D3 0001 Have Windup Camera 8015C6C3 0001 Have Meat Saw Hammer 8015C6F3 0001 Have Magic Mini Ebisu 8015C6B3 00xx Saw Hammer Modifier Replace xx with: 00 Normal Saw Hammer 01 Silver Saw Hammer 02 Gold Saw Hammer

Sasuke Codes

8015C6C7 0001 Have Fire Cracker Bomb 8015C6D7 0001 Have Kunai of Severe Cold 8015C6F7 0001 Have Magic Flying 8015C6B7 00xx Kunai Modifier Replace xx with: 00 Normal Kunai 01 2 Kunai's 02 Gold Kunai

Item Codes

8015C6FF 0001 Have Triton Shell 8015C703 0001 Have Brown Item 8015C707 0001 Have Silver Fortune Doll 8015C70F 0001 Have Brown Round Item 8015C713 0001 Have Gold Key 8015C717 0001 Have Blue Sausage 8015C71B 0001 Have Pink Fish 8015C71F 0001 Have Gold Fish 8015C723 0001 Have Blue Fish 8015C5F3 00xx Item Modifier 1st Position Replace xx with: 01 Silver Helmet 02 Helmet 8015C5FB 00xx 2nd Item Position Quantity Modifier Replace xx with: 00 0 01 1 02 2 03 3 8015C5F7 00xx Item Modifier 2nd Position Replace xx with: 01 Japanese Sombrero 02 Metal Helmet 03 Gold Helmet 8015C603 00xx 3rd Item Position Quantity Modifier Replace xx with: 00 0 01 1 02 2 03 3 8015C5FF 00xx Item Modifier 3rd Position Replace xx with: 01 Straw Rain Coat 02 Metal Armor 03 Gold Armor

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