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Mario Party

801F7979 0004     Infinite Lives on Minigame Island
800F37C4 00xx     Lots of Coins on Minigame Island
811B571A 03E7     999 Coins in Minigame Stadium, 1st slot

80101AF 00xx     Board Modifier
xx = 06     Magma Mountain
xx = 07     Eternal Star

800D62D3 00XX     Upper Left Char. Rolls 10
800D6317 00XX     Upper Right Char. Rolls 10 
800D635B 00XX     Lower Left Char. Rolls 10
800D639F 00XX     Lower Right Char. Rolls 10 
810F32B8 00XX     Upper Left Char. Coins Modifier 
810F32BC 00XX     Upper Left Char. Stars Modifier 
810F32E8 00XX     Upper Right Char. Coins Modifier 
810F32EC 00XX     Upper Right Char. Stars Modifier 
810F3318 00XX     Lower Left Char. Coins Modifier 
810F331C 00XX     Lower Left Char. Stars Modifier 
810F3348 00XX     Lower Right Char. Coins Modifier 
810F334C 00XX     Lower Right Char. Stars Modifier 

Replace XX with any number 0-9 or letter A-F.

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