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Mario Golf

You need a 2.41 GS or higher to use these codes!

F10B1670 2400     Enable Code (Must Be On)

81255322 00??     Texture Modifier
881323B6 00??     Course Modifier. Choose from 0-5. Be sure to press the 
GS Button after selecting your course.
80105B6B 00??     Number Of Active Players
811323CA 00??     Mini-Golf Course Modifier
801B71F3 0000     Always Zero Strokes Taken P1
800C545B 0063     Max Gold Mario Badges P1
810C28E4 0000     Have Plum
810C28E6 0002     Have Peach
810C28E8 0004     Have Luigi
810C28EA 0006     Have Sonny
810C28EC 0008     Have Harry
810C28EE 000A     Have Maple
810C28F0 000C     Have Bowser
810C28F2 0001     Have Charlie
810C28F4 0003     Have Baby Mario
810C28F6 0005     Have Yoshi
810C28F8 0007     Have Wario
810C28FA 0009     Have Mario
810C28FC 000B     Have DK
810C28FE 000D     Have Metal Mario
801B71F8 0006     Player 1 Has Infinite Power Shots
801B72B0 0006     Player 2 Has Infinite Power Shots
801B7368 0006     Player 3 Has Infinite Power Shots
801B7420 0006     Player 4 Has Infinite Power Shots

811323CA 000?     Mini-Golf Course Modifier
801B724B 000?     Character Color/Character Modifier P1
801B7303 000?     Character Color/Character Modifier P2
801B73BB 000?     Character Color/Character Modifier P3
801B7473 000?     Character Color/Character Modifier P4
Replace ? with 0-3

801B609B 00??     Hole Modifier 4
Replace ?? with 00-11

50000E02 0001     Have All Characters
810C28E4 0000

810BA9F0 000?     Wind Speed
810BA9F2 ????
Place the first three digits of the number of the wind speed you want in the 
first code in order, and the last two go in the second code. So if you wanted 
a wind speed of 1m, you would use this code: 810BA9F0 0000 + 810BA9F2
AAAA. You can't use wind speeds any higher than 21m.
0AAAA     1m
11C71     2m
18E38     3m
1FFFF     4m
271C6     5m
2E38D     6m
35554     7m
3C71B     8m
438E2     9m
4AAA9     10m
51C70     11m
583E7     12m
5FFFE     13m
671C5     14m
6E38C     15m
75553     16m
7C71A     17m
838E1     18m
8AAA8     19m
91C6F     20m
98E36     21m
Values above A0000     Hurricane Season!

800BA9F4 00??     Wind Direction (Relative To Tee)

Use any value from 00 to FF.
00     Blowin' To The Left
3F     Coming at you
7E     Breezin' To The Right
BD     May The Wind Be With You.

D10FF51C 2000     Meter Cheat
800FBE8B 003C
D00FF51D 0010
800FBE8B 001E
When you make your shot, hold the R trigger button and the meter will jump 
to 100%. Hit A while holding R and you will make a full power shot each time.
After choosing the power of your swing, hold Z and press A, and you will make 
a 100% accuracy every time. So with this code you can make a "Nice Shot" 
every time. 

81130CEE FFFF     Have All Courses
It is not permanent until you complete a game that would normally give 
you Course Points. Instead of giving you course points, it saves the 
completed course points to the cartridge so that you won't need the code again.

P1 Stats Modifier Codes

801B71FB 00?? 1st Hole Strokes Taken Modifier 801B71FC 00?? 1st Hole Putts Taken Modifier 801B71FD 00?? 2nd Hole Strokes Taken Modifier 801B71FE 00?? 2nd Hole Putts Taken Modifier 801B71FF 00?? 3rd Hole Strokes Taken Modifier 801B7200 00?? 3rd Hole Putts Taken Modifier 801B7201 00?? 4th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier 801B7202 00?? 4th Hole Putts Taken Modifier 801B7203 00?? 5th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier 801B7204 00?? 5th Hole Putts Taken Modifier 801B7205 00?? 6th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier 801B7206 00?? 6th Hole Putts Taken Modifier 801B7207 00?? 7th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier 801B7208 00?? 7th Hole Putts Taken Modifier 801B7209 00?? 8th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier 801B720A 00?? 8th Hole Putts Taken Modifier 801B720B 00?? 9th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier 801B720C 00?? 9th Hole Putts Taken Modifier 801B720D 00?? 10th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier 801B720E 00?? 10th Hole Putts Taken Modifier 801B720F 00?? 11th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier 801B7210 00?? 11th Hole Putts Taken Modifier 801B7211 00?? 12th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier 801B7212 00?? 12th Hole Putts Taken Modifier 801B7213 00?? 13th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier 801B7214 00?? 13th Hole Putts Taken Modifier 801B7215 00?? 14th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier 801B7216 00?? 14th Hole Putts Taken Modifier 801B7217 00?? 15th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier 801B7218 00?? 15th Hole Putts Taken Modifier 801B7219 00?? 16th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier 801B721A 00?? 16th Hole Putts Taken Modifier 801B721B 00?? 17th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier 801B721C 00?? 17th Hole Putts Taken Modifier 801B721D 00?? 18th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier 801B721E 00?? 18th Hole Putts Taken Modifier 50001202 0000 All Holes Strokes Taken Equal 0 801B71FB 0000 50001202 0000 All Holes Strokes Taken Equal 0 801B71FC 0000

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