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Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko

810A54D6 0064     Infinite Lives
810A54DA 0005     Infinite Health
810A54DE 0063     Have 99 Flies
810A54E2 0063     Have 99 Paws
810A54E6 0063     Have 99 Coins
810A54EA 0063     Have 99 Remotes

Infinite Air Codes

8112F296 0320 Totally Scrooged 81125A86 0320 Clueless In Seattle 8111A856 0320 The Abyssmal 8110896E 0001 Crazy Tail 800A682F 0004 Always Dracugex/Little Red Riding Gex 800A682F 0002 Always Electrogex/Hercugex

Infinite Time Codes

810F4B8A 0078 True Grits 810F4CE2 0078 What A Crock! 810F58FA 0078 Marsupial Madness 810F4A32 0078 War And Pieces 810F539A 1C20 Temple of Gloom 810F6D22 1C20 Cheesy Rider 810F54F2 2328 The Abyssmal 810F0EA XXXX Gextreme Sports/Peg Leg Polka Replace XXXX with: 0078 Gextreme Sports 5400 Peg Leg Polka

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