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Gauntlet Legends

EE000000 0000     Enable Code (Must Be On) (GS 3.20 Or Higher Needed!)
DD000000 0000
CC000000 0000     If you have a GS 3.0 you can't use this code, instead every 
time you start the game turn the Code Generator ON and all should be fine.

800FD198 0200     Always Shoot 5-Way P1
800FD19A 0002     Always Shoot 3-Way P1
800FD19A 1000     Always Shoot Rapid Fire P1 
810C60D6 FFFF     Infinite Money P2

800C5FF7 0009     Infinite Special Weapons P1
800C5D37 0009
800C5D67 0009
800C5DE7 0009
810C5EB7 0009

800C6137 0009     Infinite War Hammer & Light Arrow P2
800C6187 0009

810C5C04 0000     Max Strength P1
810C5C06 FFFF

810C5C14 0000     Max Speed P1
810C5C16 FFFF

810C5C24 0000     Max Magic P1
810C5C26 FFFF

810C5C34 0000     Max Armor P1
810C5C36 FFFF

810C5C44 0000     Level 99 P1
810C5C46 0063

810C5C54 0000     Infinite Health P1
810C5C56 270F

810C5C64 0000     Max Health P1
810C5C66 270F

810C6004 0000     Max Strength P2
810C6006 270F

810C6014 0000     Max Speed P2
810C6016 270F

810C6024 0000     Max Magic P2
810C6026 270F

810C6034 0000     Max Armor P2
810C6036 270F

810C6044 0000     Level 99 P2
810C6046 270F

810C6054 0000     Infinite Health P2
810C6056 270F

810C6064 0000     Max Health P2
810C6066 270F

810C6404 0000     Max Strength P3
810C6406 270F

810C6414 0000     Max Speed P3
810C6416 270F

810C6424 0000     Max Magic P3
810C6426 270F

810C6434 0000     Max Armor P3
810C6436 270F

810C6444 0000     Level 99 P3
810C6446 270F

810C6454 0000     Infinite Health P3
810C6456 270F

810C6464 0000     Max Health P3
810C6466 270F

810C6804 0000     Max Strength P4
810C6806 270F

810C6814 0000     Max Speed P4
810C6816 270F

810C6824 0000     Max Magic P4
810C6826 270F

810C6834 0000     Max Armor P4
810C6836 270F

810C6844 0000     Level 99 P4
810C6846 270F

810C6854 0000     Infinite Health P4
810C6856 270F

810C6864 0000     Max Health P4
810C6866 270F

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