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Forsaken 64

8014B783 00??     Enemies Remaining Modifier
8114E5F8 ????     Kills Modifier
8014E764 0099     P2 Infinite Pulsar (Tube)
8014E8E0 0099     P3 Infinite Pulsar (Tube)
8014EA5C 0099     P4 Infinite Pulsar (Tube)
8014EA54 0016     P4 Infinite Shields (Tube)
8008773C 8000     Black Screen But Music Keeps Playing 
8008ED66 0012     Wire-Frame Cheat Is Activated 
8008ED65 0012     Invincibility Cheat Is Activated 
8008ED68 0012     Turbo Crazy Mode Cheat Is Activated 
8008ED69 0012     Psychedelic Colors Cheat Is Activated 
8008ED6A 0012     One Hit Kills Cheat Is Activated 
8008ED6B 0012     Freeze Enemies Cheat Is Activated 
8008ED6C 0012     Stealth Mode Cheat (?) Is Activated 
8008ED6D 0012     Infinite Solaris Cheat Is Activated 
8008ED63 0012     Infinite Titans Cheat Is Activated 
8008ED62 0012     Infinite Main Weapon Cheat Is Activated 
8008ED61 0012     Infinite Secondary Weapon/Have All Secondary Weapons
8008ED80 0012     Have All Primary Weapons
8008ED67 0012     Gore Cheat Is Activated
8008ED6E 0012     Everything Is Opened Up [Battle Mode, etc.]
8814E63D 00FF     GS Button For 255 Mug Missiles 
8814E63E 00FF     GS Button For 255 Solaris Missiles 
8814E640 00FF     GS Button For 255 Scatter Missiles 
8814E641 00FF     GS Button For 255 Titan Missiles 
8814E642 00FF     GS Button For 255 Gravgon Missiles 
8814E643 00FF     GS Button For 255 MRFI Missiles 
8814E644 00FF     GS Button For 255 Purge Missiles 
8814E646 00FF     GS Button For 255 Pine Missiles 
8814E647 00FF     GS Button For Quantum Missiles 
8814E648 00FF     GS Button For Spare0 Missiles 
8814E649 00FF     GS Button For Spare1 Missiles 
8814E64A 00FF     GS Button For Spare2 Missiles 
8814E64B 00FF     GS Button For Spare3 Missiles 
8814E64C 00FF     GS Button For Spare4 Missiles 
8814E64D 00FF     GS Button For Spare5 Missiles 
8814E64E 00FF     GS Button For Spare6 Missiles 
8814E64F 00FF     GS Button For Spare7 Missiles 
8814E650 00FF     GS Button For Spare8 Missiles 
8814E651 00FF     GS Button For 255 Tag Bombs 
8814E610 0003     GS Button For Max Pods
8914E5E0 1000     GS Button For Full Shields 
8914E5E2 1180     GS Button For Full Hull Energy 
8914E5E8 8000     GS Button For Full Primary Weapon
8004013C 0005     Infinite Lives

D014E5E2 0011     Infinite Shields
8114E5E0 1000

NOTE: Game Shark 3.0 or higher is needed to use the rest of the codes. 

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Mug Missiles
8014E63D 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Solaris Missiles
8014E63E 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Scatter Missiles
8014E640 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Titan Missiles
8014E641 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Gravgon Missiles
8014E642 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite MRFI Missiles
8014E643 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Purge Missiles
8014E644 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Pine Missiles
8014E646 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Quantum Missiles
8014E647 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Spare0 Missiles
8014E648 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Spare1 Missiles
8014E649 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Spare2 Missiles
8014E64A 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Spare3 Missiles
8014E64B 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Spare4 Missiles
8014E64C 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Spare5 Missiles
8014E64D 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Spare6 Missiles
8014E64E 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Spare7 Missiles
8014E64F 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Spare8 Missiles
8014E650 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Tag Bombs
8014E651 00FF

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Max Pods
8014E610 0003

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Full Shields
8114E5E0 1000

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Full Hull Energy
8114E5E2 1180

D114E5CC 8013     Infinite Full Primary Weapon
8114E5E8 8000

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