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Doom 64

8006328F 0001     Have Blue Key
80063293 0001     Have Yellow Key
80063297 0001     Have Red Key
8006329B 0001     Have Blue Skull Key
8006329F 0001     Have Yellow Skull Key
800632A3 0001     Have Red Skull Key
800632E3 00FF     Infinite Gun/Chain Ammo
800632E7 0064     Infinite Shotgun Ammo
800632EB 0064     Infinite Plasma/BFG/Laser Weapons Ammo
800632EF 0064     Missile Ammo  
800632C3 0001     Always Have Gun
800632C7 0001     Always Have Shotgun
800632CB 0001     Always Have Double Shotgun
800632CF 0001     Always Have Chain Gun
800632D3 0001     Always Have Rocket Launcher
800632BB 0001     Always Have Chainsaw
800632D7 0001     Always Have Plasma Rifle
800632DB 0001     Always Have BFG 9000
800632DF 0001     Always Have Laser Weapon 
8006326f 00FF     Infinite Armor
8106333A 0B94     Rapid Fire
80063343 0000     No Weapon Graphics
8006330B 0002     Invincible
8006330B 0004     Turn Map Markers On
8006330b 0006     Invincible And Map Markers
800632EF 0064     Infinite Missles
800632DF 0001     Always Have Laser Gun
80063283 00FF     Always Have Bio Suite
8006327B 00FF     Always in Berserk Mode
80063277 00FF     Always in Invincibility Mode
800632D1 0001     Have Rocket Launcher  
800632DD 0001     Have Laser Weapon
80063330 000F     Screen Glitch #1
800633DE 000F     Screen Glitch #2
800633DD 000F     Screen Glitch #3
800633DB 00FF     Super Bright Doom
800633EF 000F     Suicide Mode
80063333 FFFF     Hi-Res Mode

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