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Destruction Derby 64

80125FD9 0026     Infinite Health/Damage Meter
At first the meter looks like normal but after you get damage the meter
scrolls down all the way thus giving you infinite health/damage meter.

81097A16 0003     Have All Difficulty Levels 
80097A18 0001     Have Baja Buggy
80097A19 0001     Have Low Rider
80097A1A 0001     Have Woody Wagon
80097A1B 0001     Have Pickup
80097A1C 0001     Have Taxi Cab
80097A1D 0001     Have Blue Demon
80097A1E 0001     Have Rag Top
80097A1F 0001     Have Hot Rod
80097A20 0001     Have Ambulance
80097A21 0001     Have Watchback
80097A22 0001     Have Street Rocket
80097A23 0001     Have Police Car
80095CCC 0001     Have Metro Challenge Track 
80095CCD 0001     Have Seascape Track
80095CCE 0001     Have Boyou Run Track
80095CCF 0001     Have Terminal Impact Track 
80095CD0 0001     Have Destruction Junction Track 
80095CD1 0001     Have Sunset Canyon Track
80095CD2 0001     Have Apline Ridge Track
80095CD3 0001     Have Midnyte Rumble Track

50000602 0000     Have All Cars (Gives All Tracks Too) (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)
81097A18 0101

50000402 0000     Have All Tracks (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)
81095CCC 0101

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