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Command and Conquer

800C4F06 00FF     Inf. Cash Global Def.
800C50AE 00FF     Inf. Cash Brotherhood of Nod
80095F83 000?     Level Select
81092E42 270F     Total Score Is 9,999
81092E42 FFFF     Total Score Is 65,535

800B1925 006C     Quick Build
800B1926 0000
800B1927 0000

NOD Codes

800C50AE FFFF Max Cash 800C50CE FFFF Max Power 800C50C6 FFFF Instant Build Buildings 800C50BE FFFF Instant Build Units 800C50C2 FFFF Instant Build Vehicles 800C50BA FFFF Instant Build Aircraft 800962A4 0032 Instant Air Strike 800C4FF8 00FF 800962A5 0033 Instant Ion Cannon 800C4Fd8 00FF 800962A6 0034 Instant Nuclear Strike 800C5018 00FF

GDI Codes

800C4F06 FFFF Max Cash 800C4F26 FFFF Max Power 800C4F1E FFFF Instant Build Buildings 800C4F16 FFFF Instant Build Units 800C4F1A FFFF Instant Build Vehicles 800C4F12 FFFF Instant Build Aircraft

GDI Mission 4 Codes

800ABE99 0096 Infinite Health Hum-Vee 800ABFB1 00C8 Infinite Health APC #1 800AC03D 00C8 Infinite Health APC #2

GDI Mission 6 Codes

800B56CD 0050 Infinite Health Commando 800BFC95 005A Infinite Health Transportational Helicopter

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