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Pokemon Yellow

01FBA5CF     All Pokemon have enough experience to level up to
Level 245-254. They just have to fight to level up.

You don't learn skills when you level up with the code, you just get 
tons of HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, and Special. Also some Pokemon 
might make the game freeze when they are about to level up with the 
code. If that happens, just change FB to F8, F9, or FA.

01??6BD1     HP Modifier (Larger)
01??6CD1     HP Modifier (Smaller)
01FF87D1     Infinite PP (1st Position)
01FF88D1     Infinite PP (2nd Position)
01FF89D1     Infinite PP (3rd Position)
01FF8AD1     Infinite PP (4th Position)
01??8BD1     Level Modifier
01??8CD1     Max HP Modifier (Larger)
01??8DD1     Max HP Modifier (Smaller)
01??8ED1     Max Attack Modifier (Larger)
01??8FD1     Max Attack Modifier (Smaller)
01??90D1     Max Defense Modifier (Larger)
01??91D1     Max Defense Modifier (Smaller)
01??92D1     Max Speed Modifier (Larger)
01??93D1     Max Speed Modifier (Smaller)
01??94D1     Max Special Modifier (Larger)
01??95D1     Max Special Modifier (Smaller)
01FF55D3     Have All Badges
010017D0     Protect Status
01FFD5CF     Never Miss & Have More Criticals
01??7BCF     Buy Item At Store Modifier (Slot 1)
01??7DCF     Buy Item At Store Modifier (Slot 2)
01033BD1     No Random Battles
01??1ED1     Start With A Pokemon Modifier
01F00DD7     Infinite Time (Safari Zone)
016446DA     Infinite Safari Balls
010A13D7     Float On Air
01631ED3     Infinite Quantity 1st Position
016320D3     Infinite Quantity 2nd Position
016322D3     Infinite Quantity 3rd Position
016324D3     Infinite Quantity 4th Position
016326D3     Infinite Quantity 5th Position
016328D3     Infinite Quantity 6th Position
01632AD3     Infinite Quantity 7th Position
01632CD3     Infinite Quantity 8th Position
01632ED3     Infinite Quantity 9th Position
016330D3     Infinite Quantity 10th Position
01FF15D0     Infinite HP (In Battle)
01282CD0     Infinite PP (1st Position)
01282DD0     Infinite PP (2nd Position)
01282ED0     Infinite PP (3rd Position)
01282FD0     Infinite PP (4th Position)
01??21D0     Enemy LV Modifier
01??D8CF     Change Monster Pic
01??26D1     LV Modifier Of Creatures Before You Battle
01??D7CF     Capture Pokemon Modifier
0170E8CF     Enemy Can't Attack & Burned At Beginning of Match

0199A3D5     Infinite Casino Coins

013972D1     Pacific Pikachu

01??76D1      Trainer ID# Modifier

01??78D1     Exp. Modifier

019946D3     Infinite Money

01FF09D3     Seen All Pokemon On PokeDex

01??72D1     Skill Modifier (1st Position)
01??73D1     Skill Modifier (2nd Position)
01??74D1     Skill Modifier (3rd Position)
01??75D1     Skill Modifier (4th Position)
01??1BD0     Skill Modifier (1st Position)
01??1CD0     Skill Modifier (2nd Position)
01??1DD0     Skill Modifier (3rd Position)
01??1ED0     Skill Modifier (4th Position)

Change ?? to

00     Nothing
01     Pound
02     Karate Chop
03     Double Slap
04     Comet Punch
05     Mega Punch
06     Pay Day
07     Fire Punch
08     Ice Punch
09     Thunder Punch
0A     Scratch
0B     Vice Grip
0C     Guillotine
0D     Razor Wind
0E     Swords Dance
0F     Cut
10     Gust
11     Wing Attack
12     Whirl Wind
13     Fly
14     Bird
15     Slam
16     Vine Whip
17     Stomp
18     Double Kick
19     Mega Kick
1A     Jump Kick
1B     Rolling Kick
1C     Sand Attack
1D     Head Butt
1E     Horn Attack
1F     Fury Attack
20     Horn Drill
21     Tackle
22     Body Slam
23     Wrap
24     Take Down
25     Thrash
26     Double Edge
27     Tail Whip
28     Poison Sting
29     Twin Edle
2A     Pin Missile
2B     Leer
2C     Bite
2D     Growl
2E     Roar
2F     Sing
30     Supersonic
31     Sonicboom
33     Acid
34     Ember
35     Flamethrower
36     Mist
37     Water Gun
38     Hydro Pump
39     Surf
3A     Ice Beam
3B     Blizzard
3C     Psybeam
3D     Bubblebeam
3E     Aurora Beam
3F     Hyper Beam
40     Peck
41     Drill Peck
42     Submission
43     Low Kick
44     Counter
45     Seismic Toss
46     Strength
47     Absorb
48     Mega Drain
49     Leech Seed
4A     Growth
4B     Razor Leaf
4C     Solar Beam
4D     Poisonpowder
4E     Stun Spore
4F     Sleep Powder
50     Petal Dance
51     String Shot
52     Dragon Rage
53     Fire Spin
54     Thundershock
55     Thunderbolt
56     Thunder Wave
57     Thunder
58     Rock Throw
59     Earthquake
5A     Fissure
5B     Dig
5C     Toxic
5D     Confusion
5E     Psychic
5F     Hypnosis
60     Meditate
61     Agility
62     Quick Attack
63     Rage
64     Teleport
65     Night Shade
66     Mimic
67     Screech
68     Double Team
69     Recover
6A     Harden
6B     Minimize
6C     Smoke Screen
6D     Confuse Ray
6E     Withdraw
6F     Defense Curl
70     Barrier
71     Light Screen
72     Haze
73     Reflect
74     Focus Energy
75     Hide
76     Metronome
77     Mirror Move
78     Selfdestruct
79     Egg Bomb
7A     Lick
7B     Smog
7C     Sludge
7D     Bone Club
7E     Fire Blast
7F     Waterfall
80     Clamp
81     Swift
82     Skull Bash
83     Spike Cannon
84     Constrict
85     Amnesia
86     Kinesis
87     Softboiled
88     Hi Jump Kick
89     Glare
8A     Dream Eater
8B     Poison Gas
8C     Barrage
8D     Leech Life
8E     Lovely Kiss
8F     Sky Attack
90     Transform
91     Bubble
92     Dizzy Punch
93     Spore
94     Flash
95     Psywave
96     Splash
97     Acid Armor
98     Crabhammer
99     Exposion
9A     Fury Swipes
9B     Bonemerang
9C     Rest
9D     Rock Slide
9E     Hyper Fang
9F     Sharpen
A0     Conversion
A1     Tri Attack
A2     Super Fang
A3     Slash
A4     Substitute
A5     Struggle

01??1CD3     Total Item Number Modifier
01??1DD3     Item Modifier 1st Position
01??1FD3     Item Modifier 2nd Position
01??21D3     Item Modifier 3rd Position
01??23D3     Item Modifier 4th Position
01??25D3     Item Modifier 5th Position
01??27D3     Item Modifier 6th Position
01??29D3     Item Modifier 7th Position
01??2BD3     Item Modifier 8th Position
01??2DD3     Item Modifier 9th Position
01??2FD3     Item Modifier 10th Position

Change ?? to

01     Master Ball
02     Ultra Ball
03     Great Ball
04     Poke Ball
05     Town Map
06     Vicycle
07     Surf Without Pokemon
08     Safari Ball
09     Poke-Dex
0A     Moon Stone
0B     Antidote
0C     Burn Heal
0D     Ice Heal
0E     Awakening
0F     Parlyz Heal
10     Full Restore
11     Max Potion
12     Hyper Potion
13     Super Potion
14     Potion
15     Boulder Badge
16     Cacade Badge
17     Thunder Badge
18     Rainbow Badge
19     Soul Badge
1A     Marsh Badge
1B     Volcano Badge
1C     Earth Badge
1D     Escape Rope
1E     Repel
1F     Old Amber
20     Fire Stone
21     Thunder Stone
22     Water Stone
23     HP Up
24     Protein
25     Iron
26     Carbos
27     Calcium
28     Rare Candy
29     Dome Fossil
2A     Helix Fossil
2B     Secret Key
2D     Bike Voucher
2E     X Accuracy
2F     Leaf Stone
30     Card Key
31     Nugget
32     PP Up
33     Poke Doll
34     Full Heal
35     Revive
36     Max Revive
37     Grand Special
38     Super Repel
39     Max Repel
3A     Dire Hit
3B     Coin
3C     Fresh Water
3D     Soda Pop
3E     Lemonade
3F     S.S. Ticket
40     Gold Teeth
41     X Attack
42     X Defend
43     X Speed
44     X Special
45     Coin Case
46     Oak's Parcel
47     Item Finder
48     Silph Scope
49     Poke Flute
4A     Lift Key
4B     Exp. All
4C     Old Rod
4D     Good Rod
4E     Super Rod
4F     PP Up
50     Ether
51     Max Ether
52     Elixer
53     Max Elixer

01??63D1     Pokemon Modifier

Change ?? to

01     Rhydon
02     Kangaskhan
03     Nidoran(m)
04     Clefairy
05     Spearow
06     Voltorb
07     NidoKing
08     Slobro
09     Ivysaur
0A     Exeggutor
0B     Lickitung
0C     Exeggcute
0D     Grimer
0E     Gengar
0F     Nidoran(f)
10     NidoQueen
11     Cubone
12     Rhyhorn
13     Lapras
14     Arcanine
15     Mew
16     Gyarados
17     Shellder
18     Tentacool
19     Gastly
1A     Scyther
1B     Staryu
1C     Blastoise
1D     Pinsir
1E     Tangela
21     Growlithe
22     Onix
23     Frearow
24     Pidgey
25     Slowpoke
26     Kadabra
27     Graveler
28     Chansey
29     Machoke
2A     Mr. Mime
2B     Hitmonlee
2C     Hitmonchan
2D     Arbok
2E     Parasect
2F     Psyduck
30     Drowzee
31     Golem
33     Magmar
34     Mankey
35     Electabuzz
36     Magneton
37     Koffing
3A     Seel
3B     Diglett
3C     Tauros
40     Farfetch'd
41     Venonat
42     Dragonite
46     Doduo
47     Poliwag
48     Jynx
49     Moltres
4A     Articuro
4B     Zapdos
4C     Ditto
4D     Meowth
4E     Krabby
52     Vulpix
53     Ninetails
54     Pikachu
55     Raichu
58     Dratini
59     Dragonair
5A     Kabuto
5B     Kabutops
5C     Horsea
5D     Seadra
60     Sandshrew
61     Sandslash
62     Omanite
63     Omastar
64     Jigglypuff
65     Wigglytuff
66     Eevee
67     Flareon
68     Jolteon
69     Vaporeon
6A     Machop
6B     Zubat
6C     Ekans
6D     Paras
6E     Poliwhirl
6F     Poliwrath
70     Weedle
71     Kakuna
72     Beedrill
74     Dodrio
75     Primeape
76     Dugtrio
77     Venomoth
78     Dewgong
7B     Caterpie
7C     Metapod
7D     Butterfree
7E     Machamp
80     Goldduck
81     Hypno
82     Golbat
83     Mewtwo
84     Snorlax
85     Magikarp
88     Muk
8A     Kingler
8B     Cloyster
8D     Electrode
8E     Clefable
8F     Weezing
90     Persian
91     Marowak
93     Haunter
94     Abra
95     Alakazam
96     Pidgeotto
97     Pidgeot
98     Starmie
99     Bulbasaur
9A     Venusaur
9B     Tentacruel
9D     Goldeen
9E     Seaking
A3     Ponyta
A4     Rapidash
A5     Rattata
A6     Raticate
A7     Nindorino
A8     Nindorina
A9     Geodude
AA     Porygon
AB     Aerodactyl
AD     Magnemite
B0     Charmander
B1     Squirtle
B2     Charmeleon
B3     Wartortle
B4     Charizard
B9     Oddish
BA     Gloom
BB     Vileplume
BC     Bellsprout
BD     Weepinbell
BE     Victreebell

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