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Mega Man 5

01989EDE     Infinite Energy
010334DF     Infinite Lives
01C83DDF     Infinite PCs
0198A4DE     Infinite TA
01429CDE     Have RC
01989FDE     Infinite RC
01429DDE     Have JU
0198A7DE     Infinite JU
01509CDE     Have MA
0198A2DE     Infinite MA
01459CDE     Have ME
0198A0DE     Infinite ME
01489CDE     Have VE
01A0A1DE     Infinite VE
01619CDE     Have NE
0198A3DE     Infinite NE
01439DDE     Have RJ
0198A6DE     Infinite RJ
01449DDE     Have SA
0198A8DE     Infinite SA
01489DDE     Have PL
0198A9DE     Infinite PL
01759DDE     Have UR
0198AADE     Infinite UR
0198A5DE     Infinite EA

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