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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

01??00DB     B-Button Slot
01??01DB     A-Button Slot
01??45DB     Arrows Modifier
01??4DDB     Bombs Modifier
01??4CDB     Magic Powder Modifier
010?43DB     Bracelet Level Modifier
010?44DB     Shield Level Modifier
010?4EDB     Sword Level Modifier
01995EDB     Cannot Gain or Lose Any Extra Rupees
01705ADB     Infinite 14 Hearts (Use Only If You Have 14)

01FF6FC4     Bracket Bar Glitch Code

Quantity Digits to Accompany Slot Modifier Codes
00     Blank
01     Sword
02     Bombs
03     Power Bracelet
04     Shield
05     Bow
06     Hookshot
07     Wand
08     Boots
09     Ocarina
0A     Feather
0B     Shovel
0C     Magic Powder
0D     Boomerang

010749DB     Ocarina has all songs
013045DB     Infinite Arrows
01304DDB     Infinite Bombs
01204CDB     Infinite Magic Powder
01185ADB     Infinite Health
01FF5EDB     Infinite Rupees

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