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Wayne's World

CODE    KEY IN . . .    EFFECT . . . 
1       DFAA-A764       Start with 1 life
2       D7AA-A764       Start with 3 lives
3       D5AA-A764       Start with 7 lives
4       DBAA-A764       Start with 9 lives
5       C28F-0704       Infinite lives
6       DF87-0764       Start with 1 Worthiness(tm) point
7       D787-0764       Start with 3 Worthiness points
8       D587-0764       Start with 7 Worthiness points
9       DB87-0764       Start with 9 Worthiness points
10      C2BC-D728       Infinite Worthiness
11      C2B5-04BC       Worthiness item worth nothing on pick-up
12      C2B0-04BC       Schwing(tm) item worth nothing on pick-up
13      C269-0DBB       Infinite Schwings if you have at least 1
14      EEB3-DF98       Invincibility lasts longer after getting hit
15      FDB3-DF98       Invincibility does not last as long after 
getting hit
16      82BB-0FF8       Invincibility lasts forever after getting hit 
(Wayne(tm) blinks)
17      6DBB-D428       Invincibility (Wayne doesn't blink)
18      DDBB-D4BC       Amp power-up worth nothing on pick-up
19      D0BB-D4BC       Amp power-up gives you Distortion-type 
20      D4BB-D4BC       Amp power-up gives you Mega-Amp-type 
21      D7BB-D4BC       Amp power-up gives you Chorus-type chords
22      D9BB-D4BC       Amp power-up gives you Homer-type chords
23      DDBD-0DFC       Distortion power-up worth nothing on pick-up
24      DFBD-0DFC       Distortion power-up gives you Amp-type 
25      D4BD-0DFC       Distortion power-up gives you Mega-Amp-
type chords
26      D7BD-0DFC       Distortion power-up gives you Chorus-type-
27      D9BD-0DFC       Distortion power-up gives you Homer-type-
28      C2BB-079C       Heart item worth nothing

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