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Mario Is Missing

CODE    KEY IN . . .    EFFECT . . .

1       CB8D-17DF + EE8D-170F + 3C8D-176F       Talk to someone once 
to learn all they know (all 4 checks appear on  computer for 
that person)

2       6D8D-C4AF + DD80-C70F + DD85-C4DF       Use computer to 
access any facts except pamphlets (no   checks appear on computer)

3       6D82-17AF       Use computer to view    pamphlets on any 
artifact (no checks appear on computer)

4       DFED-4D04       Always get Yoshi(tm) after using 

5       CB8E-47AF + EE8D-1DDF + 3C8D-1D0F       Pick up one artifact 
and get all three

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